A lot of people that shop at Lucky Bins are coming to our San Diego bin store to buy and resell either in person or online. Do you mind it? We love it. We encourage people to hustle and try to make more money. 

Lucky Bins is a way for people to make money! At Lucky Bins you can find all sorts of merchandise at deep discounts not available anywhere else!  Many people find items at a bin store such as ours, can turn a profit from reselling those same products online. There are a couple of different strategies when it comes to reselling.



When it comes to reselling, eBay was is usually the first place that people think about. eBay lets you sell at a certain price or by auction.  Usually, you will pay eBay 10% of the sales price (final sale price, not necessarily what you listed it as) of the item. This 10% will not include shipping costs (you charge those separate). There are options if you are a bulk seller or open a business account. 

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Facebook Marketplace & OfferUp

Two of the easiest ways to resell is Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp. The biggest benefit from Facebook Marketplace is that it is free to list items online and they do not take any of your profits. However, you are responsible for the entire process from listing to communicating to meeting the final buyer for payment. If you are not comfortable meeting with the person, you can arrange shipping with both platforms.  You should remember, however, that Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp do not make any guarantees or protections if your buyer does not show up to meet you. 

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